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Sows Sows
Third overall
2017 Mn State Fair Open
sired by Blurred Vision
Champion Spot Gilt
Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt
2017 Minnesota State Fair Open Class Show



Monumental X Super Monster

Champion gilt
2016 Mn State Fair open show
bred by Bear 84
Sting Ray x Grand Mentality

Grand Champion yorkshire Gilt
2016 Mn State Fair 4-h show

$7700 bred gilt from Genetic Edge
Sky Cam x Monumental

RK Showpigs Sows
RK Showpigs Sows

Grand Champion Gilt
2016 Mn State Fair FFA

Grand Champion FFA Crossbred Breeding Gilt
2015 Minnesota State Fair




Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt
2015 World pork expo




Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt
MN State Fair open show

Fortune x Private Drive

$6000 Hog College Yorkshire gilt




 R&K Showpigs Sows
$5, 200.00 Bred gilt
from Eric Polich bred gilt sale

Iconic 49-6



 R&K Showpigs Sows
 R&K Showpigs Sows

Super Monster
Champion ND State Fair Breeding Gilt

Monumental x Super Monster
champion MN State fair open show

R&K Showpigs
Paul Rentschler
40393 820th St
Lakefield, MN 56150
Cell: 507-227-3777
Email: Rentfam5@frontiernet.net

Todd Kramer
18788 US Hwy 59
Worthington, Mn 56187
Cell: 507-227-6697
Email: todd@schmitzgraininc.com

Show-Sale barn
18788 US HWY 59
Worthington MN 56187

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